Collej™ Membership

Collej Membership

Learn UX Design from the best designers and companies around the world!
Learn UX Design from the best designers and companies around the world!

What is Collej™ Membership?

Collej™ Membership includes access to a series of workshops and courses at discount that help you turbo charge your design career

Access to design Leaders

Get guidance from experts

Practical Orientation

In depth technical discussion with focus on Execution

Learning Resources

Specially curated resources to boost your learning

Access to Vibrant Community

Get answers to people who have solved the problems you are currently facing

Upcoming Event

Introduction to Interaction Design Workshop

  3 Days, 7:30 PM IST |  26th June 2021
  • Brief Overview into effective workflows for eXperiences
  • Surface Exploration of Ideation Techniques
  • Introduction to Functionality & Interactions

Benefits of Collej™ Membership

Having exponential Growth in your career is not easy. Our workshops are designed around to make it easier.

Meet like-minded experts

Micro workshops attract people who are highly motivated to improve their skills and practices.

Inspiring Case Studies

You will not only get to know the winning and success stories but also get to the challenges faced along the way

Premium Networking

Great opportunity to meet people across various industries and build good rapo

New methods and processes

You will learn the most latest industry best process and methods which yield positive outcomes


sharing their experience on how to build awesome portfolios
Prasad Kantamneni
Erik Ojakaar
Savio Sunil Aguiar
Corey Bernardo
Tom Walter
Brian Ashbough

Get Your Collej™ Membership

Get Your Collej Membership

Workshops and Courses at discount
Workshops and Courses at discount


₹3,000 ₹750
12 Months Access
  • Complete Access to Live Events
  • Access to 1-on-1 networking
  • Live Access to 30+ Expert Sessions
  • Insider Talks about what goes on in the industry
  • Access to 12 months - All Access privileges (15% off on all Collej™ Courses)

Previous Events

Meet Speakers from our previous events

Erik Ojakaar

Senior UX Researcher
Erik is a recognized e-commerce and mobile UX expert, he is known for building research teams, planning and leading multi-phase research projects across companies. He has worked for companies such as Amazon, Linkedin, eBay.
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Savio Sunil Augia

Product Experience Leadership
Savio is known for building team, products, and product experiences across companies such as Google, PayPal, Citrix, Nutanix.
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Prasad Kantamneni

Co Founder
Prasad is the Co-Founder of UXReactor. Before founding UXReactor, Prasad recruited, mentored, and grew teams across companies such as Yahoo, Honeywell.
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Tom Walter

VP of Creative eXperiences
Tom is the first Creative Director at both eBay and PayPal with over two decades of eXperience. Tom stands at the forefront of Silicon Valley design innovation. He is leading the creative team to catalyze eXperience transformations for businesses through deep user empathy and understanding.
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Brian Ashbough

Head of User Research
Brian is the Head of Research at NetGear, he focuses on product-consumer eXperiences. He has over 10+ years of experience in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), specifically in user research, strategy, and with a focus on the intersection of qualitative & quantitative consumer insights. 
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