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Guaranteed Talent Recruiting

  • No guesswork
  • Quick recruiting
  • Access to continuous talent pipeline
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How We Guarantee Talent Recruiting

No Guesswork

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Know everything about the designer before you hire 

Build Your Brand

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We will get Designers excited about your Brand

Continuous Hiring

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No Designer, no worries! Hire from the pipeline

What You Get

No Guesswork

  • Our hiring solution is how we build award-winning design teams across the world
  • Get reports on designers to make informed decisions

Build Your Brand

  • Designers will know you are a viable brand in the market

Continuous Hiring

  • We are always scouting for talent in all our events & training programs
  • Get first dibs to the best talent
  • Never lose time to hire a UX Designer again!

Skills We Assess


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  • Connecting the dots from the problem statement to the final solution
  • Relevance of the solutions to the outcomes
  • Attention to the details
  • Quality of planning
  • Discipline of Execution 


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  • Ability to evaluate and plan appropriate research methodologies as per different contexts
  • Understandability of fundamentals of research and validation of assumptions
  • Planning and conduction of Qualitative research & Quantitative research
  • Quality of synthesizing key insights
  • Reporting of research study with actionable recommendations

Interaction Design Skills

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  • Quality of problems identified
  • Ability to ideate of effective solutions
  • Evolution of ideas and solutions
  • Quality of planning experience flows as per various scenarios and metrics
  • Interactivity and functionality of a product
  • Implementation of design components & patterns systematically

Visual Design Skills

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  • Understandability of Visual Design principles 
  • Rationalizing visual design concepts
  • Exploring, creating and evaluating visual artifacts
  • Ability to design high fidelity visual mockups that communicates the visual look and feel of the product
  • Leveragability of the artefacts by the Engineering, Product Management & Leadership

Dedicated Talent Pipeline

  • No Guesswork: Remove hiring problems 
  • Build Your Brand: Become a viable brand in the market
  • Continuous Hiring: Access to the talent pool
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