Creating Scalable UX Products Using Design Patterns

Learn how Rockstar Designers use Design Patterns to create large scalable products
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Learn How to Design Large Products

  • Reduce your effort and cost of building  products
  • Improve consistency and efficiency of your product using design language
  • Define standards for your product
  • Plan and design to achieve desired results


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24 July

Saturday, 7:30 PM IST

Learn How to Reduce your Effort using Atomic Design Principles

  • Learn atomic principles and how to scale design elements for larger contexts and metrics
  • Learn how to evaluate and converge on best pattern as per specific design problems

25 July

Sunday, 7:30 PM IST

Learn How to Solve Design Problems using Design Patterns

  • Learn how to optimize design sections as per specific design problems
  • Evaluate patterns based on their strengths and weaknesses

26 July

Monday, 7:30 PM IST

Learn How to Approach Large Products

  • Learn how to think and leverage design patterns on experience level
  • Insightful overview into how design decisions influence the design outcomes
Meet the Industry Expert

Prasad Kantamneni

Prasad specializes in data-driven design and spent 15 years working with Fortune 500 companies. One of his proudest achievements is using data to build a case and drive the launch of Yahoo!’s search assistance feature (also known as search suggestions), a feature that touches almost all internet users across the world today.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Learn from Industry Practitioners

Learn best practices of applying design patterns in UX Design
Seek Guidance from top Industry
IxD Experts
Understand the nuances of opting one pattern over the other
Get insights on how to scale and optimize your designs
Learn what the Industry expects
Learn how to create value for your design choices

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Highlights from Previous Events

Meet Speakers from our previous events

Erik Ojakaar

Senior UX Researcher
Erik is a recognized e-commerce and mobile UX expert, he is known for building research teams, planning and leading multi-phase research projects across companies. He has worked for companies such as Amazon, Linkedin, eBay.
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Savio Sunil Augia

Product Experience Leadership
Savio is known for building team, products, and product experiences across companies such as Google, PayPal, Citrix, Nutanix.
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Prasad Kantamneni

Co Founder
Prasad is the Co-Founder of UXReactor. Before founding UXReactor, Prasad recruited, mentored, and grew teams across companies such as Yahoo, Honeywell.
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Tom Walter

VP of Creative eXperiences
Tom is the first Creative Director at both eBay and PayPal with over two decades of eXperience. Tom stands at the forefront of Silicon Valley design innovation. He is leading the creative team to catalyze eXperience transformations for businesses through deep user empathy and understanding.
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Brian Ashbough

Head of User Research
Brian is the Head of Research at NetGear, he focuses on product-consumer eXperiences. He has over 10+ years of experience in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), specifically in user research, strategy, and with a focus on the intersection of qualitative & quantitative consumer insights. 
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Here's what people say about us:

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It was a whole new experience. I got to interact with people from different backgrounds, some working professionals, and some were still students like me. Discussing with them putting up challenges for each other and then coming up with solutions together, was kind of an amazing experience for us. 

The unique thing about the training is that we put forward our points to mentors and we were challenged with different perspectives

The highlight of the training was the discussions and the Q&A sessions because we would not just be learning from the mentors but also the peers.

For an aspiring designer who is thinking to join this program, I would say - go for it without even thinking twice because it's a whole new experience for you. Even if you're exploring your options and you want to go for some workshop and stuff, this is the program you should go for.

- Ishika Nandrajog

Student, Freelancer
I am an aspiring UX designer. I've been working in the field of development as well as in digital marketing before but I made the switch to UX design now. UX is a lot different than what you think and what you read on the internet, and if you really want to work in in the UX industry, get a job in a company, or create your own stuff, you have to know the basics of UX, and the training actually helps you cover that part.
The most unique part of this program was that the mentors were not there to give you the correct answers, their purpose was to make you reach the correct answer. This helped us push our mindset towards a more problem-solving mindset.

To connect all the dots, the training, as its name suggests,
will give you that the kickstart you need to build your UX career.

- Shashwat Shukla

Final Year CSE Student
I'm a senior associate at Ernst & Young global delivery services. Prior to the training, I did one online course from Coursera. It was theoretical - getting your facts and knowledge in, whereas the Kickstarter training was more on the industry side - introducing us to concepts and tips to be kept in mind while working as a designer in an actual company.

The training was an amazing experience. We had a lot of assignments, quizzes, and group discussions. To sum it up it was informative, insightful, and productive .

- Ashwini Ratnam

Sr. Associate at Ernst & Young
My experience with the program showed me a path on how to actually structure our learning process and prioritize things. This helped me to build my confidence to explain the problem like an experience.

If you are an aspiring designer, if you are looking to start off your UX career very strongly, then I think you should take the program as they have the best mentors available

Design mentors explain things very, very precisely, they help you with your thought process. They provide different ways to explain things that will actually spark something in our minds and ignite our thinking process.
This program will Kickstart your whole design thinking process from scratch

- Bhaskar Komara

I've been to other training programs. The program is different as they have group discussions and an interesting way of teaching.
I have experienced a unique way of learning things. Unlike other programs, the program selects one topic and makes you aware of different vibrant aspects of that topic.
The highlight of this training program is they make you think and they make you defend what you think. If you make some opinion of a topic or of what you think they tell you to stand for it and be accountable for them.
For an aspiring designer, I would suggest just take this program because the way you think and approach things will change after this program. 

- Nikhita Mandava

Software Engineer
The program is very different because in this program you get to practice more than other programs. On a few other platforms, they teach you about the theory and the concepts, but here they make you practice the concepts. So this is what I found different in this program and it really helped me a lot. 
This program has been amazing. I've read about the things before, but coming here discussing things with the peers and mentors, doing sessions and assignments, helped me remember my concepts and bring them to work.
For any aspiring designer, I would suggest not to overthink much. I was wondering if I have to take this course or not and I am really happy that I pursued this course.
The mentor relationship with the students has been really amazing. I mean, they're all always there to help you. At any time during the sessions or after the sessions, if you have any problem, you can just directly contact them and resolve the issues you have. 

- Divyanshu Chouhan

Graphic Designer

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