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PragmaticUX™ Intensive - All Modules 

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PragmaticUX™ Intensive - Kickstarter Module 

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PragmaticUX™ Intensive - Research Module

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For Designers Who Don't Want to Push Pixels

Designed for Full-time UX Designers

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Quarter 1: The UX Portfolio Builder Series

   Oct - Dec 2022
  • Learn industry standards
  • Practice the concepts
  • Get feedback on your work
  • Build a Rockstar portfolio
  • Get noticed by companies

Exclusive Intensive Programs

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PragmaticUX™ Intensive - All Modules

  10 Months | Working Professionals with at least 1 Year of experience in UX Design field
  • Get mentored by Industry Experts
  • Learn concepts that you can apply in your work
  • Ability to solve problems and communicate in work environment
  • Collej™ Certification on completion 

PragmaticUX™ Intensive - Research Module

  10 Weeks | Working Professionals with at least 1 Year of experience in UX Design field
  • Learn industry standards and practices of conducting Usability Studies
  • Learn how to plan, conduct and analyze research
  • Deep dive into the execution of various research methodologies
  • Collej™ Certification on completion 

PragmaticUX™ Intensive - Kickstarter Module

  4 Weeks | For Beginners & Working Professionals
  • Live instructor driven Classes
  • Hands-On Critical Thinking Design Assignments
  • Learn to work in a team
  • Collej™ Certification on completion 

How Are We Different?

Our Training Focuses On

Guidance from Industry Leaders
Get Hands on experience to apply in the work environment
Focus on thought process rather than tools
Meet the Chief Instructor

Prasad Kantamneni

Founder at UXReactor, Chief Instructor at Collej™
Prasad specializes in data-driven design and spent 15 years working with Fortune 500 companies. One of his proudest achievements is using data to build a case and drive the launch of Yahoo!’s search assistance feature (also known as search suggestions), a feature that touches almost all internet users across the world today.
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and Process Instructor

Saurabh Singh

Sr. Designer & Instructor, Training eXperience Lead
Saurabh designed products are currently being used by thousands of regular customers worldwide for firms with a combined 1 million+ international user base. He enjoys and specializes in visual design and ethnography that allows him to empathize with users and design eXperiences that touch people’s emotions.


You will earn a Collej™ certificate that you can add on your resume after completing a program successfully
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Here's what people say about us

Shashwat Shukla

The most unique part of this program was that the mentors were not there to give you the correct answers, their purpose was to make you reach the correct answer. This helped us push our mindset towards a more problem-solving mindset. 

Ishika Nandrajog

The highlight of the training was the discussions and the Q&A sessions because we would not just be learning from the mentors but also the peers.

Ashwini Ratnam

Prior to the training, I did one online course from Coursera. It was theoretical - getting your facts and knowledge in, whereas the training was more on the industry side - introducing us to concepts and tips to be kept in mind while working as a designer in an actual company.

Bhaskar Komara

My experience with the program showed me a path on how to actually structure our learning process and prioritize things. This helped me to build my confidence to explain the problem like an experience.

Divyanshu Chauhan

 On a few other platforms, they teach you about the theory and the concepts, but here they make you practice the concepts. So this is what I found different in this program and it really helped me a lot. 

Jeenal Hundiwala

The Collej™ program was a completely new experience for me. I got to interact with different people coming from different backgrounds with different perspectives.The industry knowledge, discussions, challenges, and the support I have been getting from the Collej™ programs and the Community is one of the best that I have experienced.

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