A Non-Profit Initiative

To Bridge the Gap Between Universities and the Design Industry

Our Vision

Train Students in design thinking and doing to improve opportunities for employability and employment.


There has been a 200% increase in jobs seeking design thinking in a recent 3 year period.
Patrick Jones - Course author
Patrick Jones - Course author
But, there's a huge talent shortage in India. More than 63% of the companies report that they have a talent shortage, and top companies are looking forward to hiring students who are industry-ready

How can we help Students become Industry-Ready?

We follow 3 Phase Approach

Phase 1:

Starting Sep 2021

One Month Design Training for University Students

  • We provide a one-month “Introduction to Design” training over 4 weekends and associated homework for all interested students (Free). Limited to 10 institutions based on Institutional Motivation, and Quality of Student Body

Phase 2:

Starting Nov 2021

PragmaticUX™ Clubs

  • It’s a not-for-profit initiative to help university students to bridge the gap between industry and academics. Interested students can join PragmaticUX™ Clubs established at partnered institutions and we also provide a certification track for Design Thinking.

Phase 3:


  • Students are invited to enroll in Job Track Trainings (6 Months) based on performance. This is an intensive phase where we’re committed to training dedicated and motivated students to make them job-ready.

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We turn Students into Professional Problem Solvers

Chances are that you have been touched by a product designed by the people who are trained by us.

We are Recognized by the Best


Prasad Kantamneni
Erik Ojakaar
Savio Aguiar
Corey Bernardo
Tom Walter
Brian Ashbough

Highlights from Previous Events

Meet Speakers from our previous events

Erik Ojakaar

Senior UX Researcher
Erik is a recognized e-commerce and mobile UX expert, he is known for building research teams, planning and leading multi-phase research projects across companies. He has worked for companies such as Amazon, Linkedin, eBay.
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Savio Aguiar

Product Experience Leadership
Savio is known for building team, products, and product experiences across companies such as Google, PayPal, Citrix, Nutanix.
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Prasad Kantamneni

Co Founder
Prasad is the Co-Founder of UXReactor. Before founding UXReactor, Prasad recruited, mentored, and grew teams across companies such as Yahoo, Honeywell.
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Tom Walter

VP of Creative eXperiences
Tom is the first Creative Director at both eBay and PayPal with over two decades of eXperience. Tom stands at the forefront of Silicon Valley design innovation. He is leading the creative team to catalyze eXperience transformations for businesses through deep user empathy and understanding.
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