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Upgrade Your UX Skills

  • Meet-ups
  • Interact with Design Leaders
  • Feedback & many more...
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Build Your Brand In The Industry


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Achieve industry standards with PUX™ Events & upgrade your portfolio


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Present it on Feedback Friday

Open Opportunities

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What You Get

PUX™ Events

  • Monthly 3 - Day PUX™ Workshops
  • Workshop assignments
  • PUX™ Talks
  • Certificate(s)
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Workshop Assignments
Workshop Certificate

Feedback Fridays

  • Get portfolio reviewed
  • Get resume reviewed
  • Practice communication
  • Showcase your work to companies & fellow UX Designers

Vibrant UX Community

  • Invest in each other's success
  • Learn & Practice as a community
  • Healthy UI/UX UX discussions

UX Skill Upgrader Series

₹ 990 / 12 months
Fee ensures only motivated Designers in the ecosystem
  • PUX™ Events: Achieve industry standards
  • Feedback Fridays: Get feedack on your resume/portfolio
  • Vibrant Community: Of like-minded UX Designers
  • Interact: With Design Leaders
  • Special sessions: To keep you engaged constantly
This series is supported by
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