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UX Hireathon

The zero-risk talent platform
  • Technically-Vetted Talent
  • Forget Fake Resumes
  • No-Risk Guarantee
  • Build Your Brand

What You Get

Technically-Vetted Talent

It takes the best to find the best. Get the methods and the people that’s built award-winning teams.
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  • Focus on talent that can get the job done from DAY 01
  • Evaluated by design leaders with a combined experience of 100+ years
  • Track our detailed data-driven reports and rubrics

Forget Fake Resumes

No need to drown in resumes anymore. We will sift through hundreds to find you the right one.
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  • Only assess candidates that pass our testing protocol
  • Get talent with proven real skills
  • Ensure holding talent accountable

No-Risk Guarantee

Eliminate the risk of bad hires. We’re here to take over that risk for you. 
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  • That’s right. We don’t get paid until you get good talent.

Build Your Brand

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Good brands attract great talent. Leverage our channels to create a buzz around yours.
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  • Get showcased to our community of 15K+ members
  • Discover talent beyond traditional recruiting and job boards
  • Capitalize on word-of-mouth marketing

By The Industry, For The Industry.

Our hiring solution is how we build
award-winning design teams across the world.
UX Hireathon is a pro-industry platform to connect quality UX talent with great companies. 

Zero-Risk Pricing 

We Get Paid Only When You Hire



of candidate's CTC

  • Debited from escrow only when the candidate works for 15 days
  • Take back money from escrow if you don’t find the talent you’re looking for (no hidden charges)

F.A.Q s

UX Hireathon




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